Taqwim Solah

Taqwim Solah is specially designed for Muslim user of whole globe to make sure that you are kept updated with the pray times.

Download Taqwim Solah 1.0.1704.1922 (2017-04-19) for Windows:

Link Type Operating System Size MD5
Download .exe 32-bit & 64-bit 23.70 MB a0a299187eb071aca152669f5f6145f6

The main features of Taqwim Solah

  • Standardized & accurate data from trusted source (JAKIM, MUIS, Brunei Gov, etc)
  • Cover taqwim area for Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and more...
  • Simple and small installation, one click and installer do everything!
  • Tray icon and notification message features
  • Different configuration for each solah times
  • One year taqwim calendar with hijri date
  • Auto update taqwim data from server
  • Localizations for multiple languages
  • Multiple predefined theme features
  • Azan and custom audio reminder

Taqwim Solah works in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7. We're working to support more platforms.

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